Your time is valuable. So if you’re taking the time to visit this site, we owe you some honesty:

Selling isn’t the solution. It’s the problem.

Your sales team has undoubtedly learned tactics, processes, and systems intended to serve your purpose – getting the sale. Ironically, most of them really don’t actually work. But if your team has experienced even a 20% success rate, they’ve convinced themselves that they do. As a result, they’ve settled into a comfort zone. And that comfort zone is costing you money.

It’s time for a sales shift.

Look, there will always be a few sales people who exude rare swagger, charisma, smarts, and a game-changing product/service that differentiates on its own. So what’s left for the rest of us who have the drive, ambition, and professional pride to make our mark? The answer is everything that your peers and competition won’t and don’t do! Lappin 180 is about doing the opposite, especially when the accepted standard of skills and processes only work 20% of the time.

We focus on and solve what holds your best people back from achieving more. We also help those with natural talent maximize their gifts. In short, we train, motivate, and challenge sales professionals. It’s not easy. And that’s the point.