NEW Webinar Series: 180 Prospecting

Third Six-Week Series:
August 11 – September 15 



The term 180 has a purpose. It means a 180-degree change in direction from the mindset and approach of most sales professionals. Much of what you will learn in this webinar series goes against the grain of accepted sales norms, but again – there’s purpose behind it.

Over five million U.S. sales professionals send an average of fifty prospect outreaches each day – emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages. The math feels absurd, that’s 300 million outreaches every day.

It’s time for a 180.

As a sales professional, there’s no end to the pressures you feel to perform. The harder it is to connect with prospects, the more volume and automation you deploy. But the more you barrage prospects, the more likely they are to ignore and resist.

Connecting with prospects virtually – with the compounding demands to perform – creates a unique challenge. The adversity isn’t exclusive to you or your ability to engage new prospects, but it negatively affects a prospect’s ability to be objective and open to your invitation.

This 180-webinar series will teach you how to:

• Start more prospect conversations
• Craft engaging prospect messages
• Build a process that removes pressure-ridden emotional extremes
• Implement a cadence that builds credibility
• Avoid a prospect’s inclination to disqualify you
• Manage the crippling fear of rejection impacting your outreach

Registration Inclusions:

• Open to only a select few; only 30 participants
• Participation in all six one-hour webinars
• For registered participants: The webinars will be recorded and available for you to watch, if you’re not available on the live date.
• One 30-minute 1:1 session with a Lappin180 coach to help you customize
this approach and process – and answer any questions, personally and privately
• Investment – $250.00

Webinar #1
Rethink Prospecting
Wednesday, August 11 at 11:00am EST

You love working with clients, but you hate the process of reaching out to people you don’t know. The long hours on email and LinkedIn, the struggle to decide which words and phrases will move the prospect to respond, the inexact science (anxiety) of deciding which day is best for outreach or delaying another week, and the lack of response and feedback you crave to have your efforts validated…click here to learn more

Webinar #2
Find Your Motivation
Wednesday, August 18 at 11:00am EST

Meaningful motivation comes from within. Yes, you gain some momentum from external sources, but this push is short-lived.

Prospecting is the combination of getting comfortable with rejection and the discomfort of mistakes. To accept this challenge, you need to change your perspective from the immediate short-term fear of “sounding foolish” to reminding yourself that everything you want to create, experience, and achieve starts with each person you meet…click here to learn more

Webinar #3
Your Prospect’s Journey
Wednesday, August 25 at 11:00am EST

If you could review the past year and read all your emails and LinkedIn outreach attempts, what would the words, frequency, and consistency tell you about your outreach intent? … click here to learn more

Webinar #4
Create a 180 Message, Part 1
Wednesday, September 1 at 11:00am EST

About 55% of what we communicate is through body language – 35% is tone and 10% is our words. Depending on your outreach mechanism, your effectiveness could be limited by as much as 90%.

Every time you send an email, LinkedIn invite, voicemail, or video – your prospect is instinctively assessing if interacting with you will harm or help them… click here to learn more

Webinar #5
Create a 180 Message, Part 2
Wednesday, September 8 at 11:00am EST

Technology can enhance or hinder your outreach efforts. Because resistance to outreach is growing in the marketplace, more sales professionals are looking to scale their efforts. This leads to unfortunate abuses, damaging brands and results…click here to learn more

Webinar #6
Win with Process
Wednesday, September 15 at 11:00am EST

Luck is relying on talent without a process. Making a great play, recording a hit song, cooking a great meal, or securing a big meeting can be achieved by anyone with talent. However, doing it consistently over a long period of time – without the weight of stress – is conducive to having a great process…click here to learn more

Past Webinar Series: 180 Prospecting

First Six-Week Series:
March 24 – April 28 


Second Six-Week Series:
May 5 – June 9 




International Speaker,
Executive Business Coach,
and Host of Breaking Sales podcast

Dan Lappin has helped sales professionals transform into high performers for more than 15 years. Helping clients achieve ten times their income is part of the Lappin180 method.

Dan’s interest in human psychology and performance motivation is infused in every engagement, leaving audiences reflective and intrigued by a different side of sales – the prospect’s perspective. He provokes personal and private tensions to inspire innovative thinking and a greater motivation to improve.

Tom Short leads the sales and business development initiatives at Lappin180. His passion for psychology and its impact on building trust and new relationships has flourished since his days officiating NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, reading, and playing golf.


Vice President of Business Development

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