Webinar #1: Rethink Pospecting

Rethink Prospecting

You love working with clients, but you hate the process of reaching out to people you don’t know. The long hours on email and LinkedIn, the struggle to decide which words and phrases will move the prospect to respond, the inexact science (anxiety) of deciding which day is best for outreach or delaying another week, and the lack of response and feedback you crave to have your efforts validated. All of these doubts accumulate making you question if you’re really wired for sales.

Building a successful outreach process starts here. You don’t have to change who you are to be successful, but you will need to understand what holds you back and learn straight-forward strategies to overcome your self-imposed outreach barriers.

Ironically, your innate dislike of outreach can propel you forward. Prospects don’t want to speak to salespeople, but they will invest time talking to someone focused on helping them. Reposition your fears. Make them your strength.

This webinar will teach you how to:

  1. Determine where the pressure comes from
    • Expectation vs. Standard
    • Internal vs. External
  2. Understand your told and responsibility – shift
    • Set meetings or start conversations
    • Making no assumptions
  3. Change your relationship with rejection
    • Negotiating with yourself – “I have to” vs. “I get to”
    • Stop taking things personally
  4. Change your mindset – Amateur vs. High Performance Mindset


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