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You have years of sales experience
You want to build and lead a successful sales force.
You want an effective, resilient, results-producing team.
You’re striving for a competitive advantage.

You’re on the line every day to make the sale and deliver results.
You’re tasked with identifying the prospect’s challenges.
There are relationships to build, prospects to follow up with, and competition to outpace.

How do you do this?

Reality—you can’t, because you’re not solving the right problem. You’re investing time and money into the same things as your competition. The conversations your team are having today may be what’s holding your business back.  Imagine your team having conversations that your competition can’t and won’t have.  Lappin180’s process for changing the conversation is more than a mantra – it’s a competitive advantage.

Some days things work, other days not so much.

The process of selling is very different than the actions required to debate and embrace change. We help you realign your intent, efforts, and process to help you guide your prospects through the psychology of change. If your prospect has to make a change in order to hire you – wouldn’t you want to focus on their process and stop focusing on your sale?


“Lappin180 is a big part of our sales performance evolution. Their approach has become one of our strongest marketplace differentiators. Prior to working with them, our individual standard of success was selling and reaching a $1M book of business. Since engaging them, we now have multiple sales individuals exceeding $2M. Our producer culture now lives up to a different standard.”

JOHN LOFTIN, President & COO, MJ Insurance

“Dan provided consistent feedback on challenging myself to grow – which helped me close $7M in sales this year.”

DAVID WRIGHTSMAN, Business Development Manager

“Lappin180 has helped change the way we look at sales and how we approach our prospective clients. They’ve taught us that our biggest “competitor” is our prospects’ inertia or fear of change. As true consultants, we’ve learned that creating positive tension during conversations is a real part of the value we deliver. It helps prospects make the hard, objective decisions to change. No more wasted effort with traditional pitches.”

JIM BLAIR, Partner, The Moneta Group

“Dan’s sales methodologies and processes are invaluable in today’s world of impersonal communications and RFPs. He provides a necessary reset for sales professionals who want to evolve beyond traditional approaches and enhance their performance in these challenging times.”

DAN CANTOR, CEO and Owner, Hamilton Exhibits

“Our commitment at Lockton is to be the best strategic advisor in the commercial insurance, risk, and human capital space. Lappin180 has been an instrumental part of our growth and success in this endeavor. They’ve helped us challenge our own expectations regarding what it means to be a trusted advisor and have changed the way we approach our prospect and client conversations. They have been, and continue to be, a true Lockton partner.”

DAVID LOCKTON, Chairman, Lockton

“Dan worked with us to develop an onboarding process for new hire sales reps. When we completed the first-year review of the ROI and compared it to previous results, it was clear the process improved from an average of 24 months to 12 months. This was an incredible success. We improved our sales return two-fold over our average.”

GARY PAINE, Franchise Owner, Pilot Freight CMH

“We started working with Lappin180 and Kristie about 18 months ago. Kristie got our people to think and act differently about sales. It has led to increased sales activity and has helped all of us become better at serving our clients. Big thumbs up for Kristie and Lappin180.”

DOUG PRINCE, CEO, ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors, LLC

“Dan is a very direct communicator and helps individuals succeed in sales by highlighting the strengths they bring to the table, and pushing them to be systematic in their approach. He mentored me and my team and made us better sales professionals.”

REBECCA KROHN, Executive Director, Siouxland Community Foundation

“I have never seen anyone hold the attention of a sales force for 3+ more hours in a more compelling manner. We have already committed to future training with Dan and look forward to a long, strategic partnership with him and his team.”


“Lappin180 is a refreshing approach to building your business. You must set aside your ego and commit to your process. Learning to not hold on too tight and making it about your prospective client brings an authenticity to the table that is refreshing for decision-makers.”

SALLIE GIBLIN, President, Lockton Companies, LLC

“The Lappin180 Team, collectively, constantly challenges me, and pushes me to be better. It’s a constantly challenging, and fulfilling program, and I’d recommend Lappin180 to any thoughtful sales person looking to better their sales game!”


“I highly appreciate Kristie’s knowledge of the concept and ability to apply it in everyday practice. She has been ready to “go an extra mile for us” and sit with us over specific cases and discuss possible scenarios of the meetings with our clients and prospects. She is not only a great tutor but also a very talented coach, asking the right questions which move us forward and help us to embrace the change conversation.”

KLÁRA KODUA, International Operations Director, RENOMIA


Our mission is to disrupt the misguided and outdated sales tactics dominating today’s sales norms. For decades the same sales-centric methodologies have been taught under the guise of different spins and nuances. But we refuse to accept that sales is only sales.

Our approach is a combination of sales detox, the psychology of decision making, and the mental state of peak conversational performance.

Lappin180 coaches leverage real-world experience, coaching tools, accountability processes, and an AI-powered practice platform to help each individual breakthrough performance struggles. Role play and peer accountability are integral to any Lappin180 experience — to eliminate hiding places and keep the bar high.

We deliver our content in six different experiences:

The Lappin180 Difference

Helping a prospect arrive at a change decision is no easy task. It requires commitment, the right intent, discipline, mindfulness, and accepting risk.  Top performers align these conditions with the prospect’s decision-making process. Lappin180 shows you how.



successful sales force

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successful sales force

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Struggle is key to performing at the highest level. It includes all the conflict, tension, and doubt we innately try to avoid.

Lappin 180 helps clients achieve uncommon results in sales.

We help you master the mindset and process you need to successfully evolve your business.

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