Your mindset drives everything you say and do in life!


Sales performance comes down to how you think. Unlike traditional sales approaches that teach you a combination of what to say or do, the Lappin180 approach starts with your thoughts.


One word…ENGAGING. The short, easy-to-understand videos and workbooks helped me build a foundation to apply the material. If you want to become a high performer, I highly recommend this curriculum.

Kevin Walker
If you want to learn a mindset and conversation process that builds trust quickly – this approach is for you. It gives you the confidence to be on equal ground with the person you are talking to. Highly recommend.
Daniel Thomas
This course helped me identify how my “make the sale” mindset was working against me, it gave me a process for shifting to a high-performance mindset that drives results.
Patrick McHugh
If you’re tired of traditional sales interactions and relationships, this methodology is for you. The course will help you transition from the struggles of selling to the respect of consulting.
Ryan Rubley
If you’re in a sales environment and need to connect with executive decision makers, navigate complex sales, and help prospects overcome decision biases – this methodology is right for you.
Cal Coffman
Most valuable ‘non-sales’ oriented training! It was inspiring to learn how to apply the high-performance mindset personally and professionally! This course provided practical tips/techniques to apply from the get-go. Highly recommend!
Joanne Hasbrook
I’m a busy, working parent that wants to compete at a high level. I listened to the courses while traveling and driving to meetings. I appreciated the flexibility of the platform and the ability to learn on my schedule.
Heather Larson
The content in these courses has inspired changes in how I think about my role and approach. Dan’s mindset coaching transcends beyond improving my brand and business – it has also helped me improve conversations in all aspects of my life.
Ryan Heimbold

The Why:

Too many people have learned to accept that sales is a hot/cold (off/on) struggle. But that doesn’t have to be true.

At Lappin180, we know that when you understand how humans build trust and how trust impacts our ability to make change, it’s easier to see the massive disconnect between the trust you think you’re building and the trust your prospect or client needs.

Choosing you is a risk your client has to be willing to take. Once you understand how to meet their trust needs, that choice becomes much easier to make.

Our online course curriculum can teach you how to do just that. We’ve taken our proven methodology from 15 years of coaching experience—supporting hundreds of top sales performers—and turned it into a program that will help you reach far beyond your current results.

The Who:

We help sales and service professionals (consultants) stand out by changing their mindset and conversation expectations. There’s a reason why your prospects and clients:

  • Invest time into building rapport but don’t trust you enough to make a change
  • Hesitate to answer your questions
  • Struggle with acknowledging and breaking their decision biases
  • Lack objectivity when comparing what they currently do with what you offer
  • Spend time disqualifying you–even though you are the right choice
  • Care less about improving than you do about helping
  • Allow you to continue selling them versus taking ownership and making a change

These situations can be changed, but you’ll need to do the work. Join our growing community of high performers seeking new results and start interacting with prospects and clients on an equal playing field.

The How:

Elite performance in all disciplines—pro-athletes, world-class musicians, award-winning actors, top sales professionals—combines attitude, drive, adaptability, and hard work. Our online course uses a path of accountability, methodology, and process to elevate your work to an elite level.

Our course includes:

  • 16 modules with topics that build off each other
  • 16 content workbooks that are packed with content (no filler!)
  • 40-plus videos averaging 6 minutes each
  • 3 unique practice guides that help you make mindset a tangible practice
  • 4 coaching sessions (for those willing to test themselves further)

By the end of our time together, you’ll see a different side of yourself. And so will your clients.


Option 1: Self-Study

Self-learning option. Access to content and methodology for 12 months – $1,800 ($150.00 per month)

Option 2: Plus

Access to content and methodology for 12 months w/ two one hour coaching sessions – $3,300

Option 3: Bonus

Access to content and methodology for 12 months w/ four one hour coaching sessions – $4,800

Option 4: Premium

Access to content and methodology for 12 months and monthly coaching – $19,800


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