Guts. That go-for-broke attitude where a result is neither good nor bad, and the only thing that matters is the truth or reality of the present situation. Things do not always turn out as planned, and when you accept this fact you become truly powerful. Not powerful as in ego or arrogance, but in your gutsiness to push forward.

If you have ever had to take your child to the emergency room, you know you don’t just stand by and take the diagnosis or information from the doctor at face value. You seek a second opinion, you ask deeper questions for clarification and understanding. The objective is not about whether the diagnosis is positive or negative – it’s all about knowing the “truth.” You challenge the doctor and surrender all your fears. There’s no fear in asking a stupid question, no fear in being vulnerable. At that moment in time in that emergency room, it’s you and the information. The solution can only start when you’re willing to hear the truth.

All those sales graphs, complex buying matrixes, sales systems, and tips of the day may be helpful, but the real solution to uncovering the truth with your prospect already lies within you. It’s as simple as you deciding you want it.

You wouldn’t leave the emergency room without the truth, so don’t leave your prospect’s office without it. You can’t move forward until you’re grounded in reality, and you can’t change reality until you know the truth.