Why would a potential customer decide to use your services or products?

Are they?

  • Faster
  • More reliable
  • Easily integrated
  • More efficient
  • Cost effective

If you’re out there selling in today’s environment, you know that facts alone – or even a combination of facts – do not always equate to a sale. The reason is simple. Facts are too easy to filter. If a fact doesn’t fit a current perceived reality, it can be discounted and labeled as incorrect in an attempt to avoid having to change or do something differently.

Decision-makers are only willing to take a risk if they can equate impact with the facts. The amount of risk they are willing to take is in direct correlation to how much impact they feel in working with you and your company.

Impact is Straight Forward

How will your faster and more reliable service or product affect the prospect’s business?
Will it have an effect on their top objectives and initiatives?
What happens if they don’t do anything differently?
How will the decision to change affect them personally?

Facts are easy to uncover. There’s very little risk associated with the questions that need to be asked around facts. Discovering impact takes more effort because there’s a very good chance that your decision-maker hasn’t allowed themselves to connect the dots. You can either continue the fact-based selling merry-go-round and keep your fingers crossed, or make the shift to challenging your prospects and help them uncover the realities of what they’re missing.