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Episode 85: Mindset Work Makes or Breaks Your Prospect Meetings

A lot of work goes into getting your first call with a prospect, and naturally, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Or better yet, start off with a competitive advantage. It starts with the science of visualization, making sure you have the right mindset, and then activating it through role play. Just like an athlete, chef, or any other high performer would do. Listen in as Dan and Kiley walk you through their best practices for meeting preparation.

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dan lappin

Dan Lappin is a renowned sales disruptor with a simple message – stop selling.  As president and founder of Lappin180, his mission is to challenge status quo sales tactics and revolutionize the sales process entirely.  Dan is a prominent voice advocating for a consultative approach to sales, where pushing, persuading and promising are past tense.  A prolific writer, speaker, and host of the popular Breaking Sales podcast, Dan’s change message resonates with thousands from Prague to Los Angeles.

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