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Episode 50: Do You Emphasize the Negative or the Positive? (7 min)

Do your thoughts lean negative or positive before reaching out to a prospect or asking a tough question? How much time do you waste debating the consequences of screwing it up versus getting it right? Do you torture yourself crafting round after round of the perfect email? Welcome to loss aversion, a common human bias where the urge to avoid pain is twice as strong as the pleasure of what you could gain. In this episode, Dan shares how this mindset impacted a recent result – and how this bias translates into your daily sales experience.

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dan lappin

Dan Lappin is a renowned sales disruptor with a simple message – stop selling.  As president and founder of Lappin180, his mission is to challenge status quo sales tactics and revolutionize the sales process entirely.  Dan is a prominent voice advocating for a consultative approach to sales, where pushing, persuading and promising are past tense.  A prolific writer, speaker, and host of the popular Breaking Sales podcast, Dan’s change message resonates with thousands from Prague to Los Angeles.


Kiley Schmitz Professional Business Coach at Lappin 180

Kiley Schmitz is a professional sales coach and runs the Talent Acquisition division at Lappin180, where she identifies and recruits top-performing individuals for client firms.  Her passion for emotional intelligence psychology drives her success in helping organizations solve tough business challenges.   She is a powerful motivator and innovative leader who speaks frequently on the topics of elite mindset development and self-awareness.

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